Hey there and welcome to the new week. This week I want to touch on the entrepreneurial "small business" struggle. I hear and see far too many people saying the same thing. 

As an artist, we often struggle finding our people. Everyone loves your art just not enough to invest. When I say artists I am referring to anyone that creates anything based on a vision no matter how big or small. You could be a barber, a hairstylist, an interior designer, a clothing designer, a furniture designer/manufacturer, a landscaper, a chef.... the list goes on. People will often love everything about your craft yet still they won't invest (support) in you/your product/your services. Why is that?

The thing that I hear the most is that people often can't visualize my clothing on them. They say "I don't know where I would ever wear that" or "I don't know HOW I would wear that". I have learned over the past few years that people have a hard time visualizing many things. I also am learning that even though people may REALLY like your work doesn't necessarily mean they understand it or all that goes into it. Someone at work said to me the other day "It isn't that they don't like the work; they just don't understand it" and that is absolutely understood. Ok so maybe the abstract clothing isn't right for the consumers coming into my store. No problem. I understand that being in business you have to keep working on your craft until you get it right or until they understand it.  

I am going to switch things up a bit. I will still have my clothing online but In an effort to help you appreciate my art I am going to help you visualize it in your home/business. I will be reducing the clothing available in my store. I will be increasing the home design aspect. I want you to see that my MY ART can be incorporated with any other style such as traditional, modern, contemporary, farm house, vintage, or a little of everything which would be eclectic and look AMAZING (the same applies to clothing; you just have to step outside of your box in confidence). I will be creating a staging area in my store. I will be combining my pieces with work from other small businesses under the same roof (Shepherd's Old Field Market). I will be creating the vision for you.  

Interior Design was my passion in high school. When I was in school our class built then decorated the interior of a home. I lead the interior design of the living room. I never took it any further. I started working and life just took over at that point. Now at 44 maybe life is bringing me back to where the passion began by way of abstract infused designs whether it be with murals, furniture, paintings, or any other accent piece l create. I guess we will find out. I have always had the vision for this and things on a much larger scale (I can't give it all away lol)

Life is forever changing and I will forever change with it. I let my passion guide me along with the love and support of others. I would never have done this chair if it weren't for a special someones push. I had thought about furniture before just never followed through.  She said to me "Brooke we have to keep testing the market". Sometimes we need others to push us; they see things from different angles. 

All it takes is ONE!!! ONE item, ONE person, ONE change, ONE MOMENT.........I will NEVER give up and you better not either. 

Challenges are a part of the growth process. Think about trees. They have to be able to endure the seasonal changes in order to continue growing.

This chair is 1 of 4 and isn't quite finished yet. Each will be slightly different as is with all original art. They will be available for purchasing. 

P.S. I am definitely no writer so ignore the grammatical errors LOL





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